Lost My Way
Дата:17 Ноября 2013 в 15:29
A sea of hope - a sky of flame
I cry out your name but you're only a dream
a hope to die - always this endless pain
with an endless sigh - so endless sad
so break my curse - let my heart forget
end this dirge - these endless regrets
Lost my way - blackened faith
Lost my love - heart went astray - blackened faith
Lost my love - myself to blame
Lost my way - blackened faith
lost my love - gaining pain
blackened faith - this vacant heart
love astray - and hearts do fall apart

The sun is et and masked night
vailes(склонять) heavens fayer(fay - фея;плотно соединять, подгонять) eyes
what trust is there to a light
that so swift yes